Monday, April 14, 2008

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

water conservation

images thanks to chilipepper inc
due to our severe drought , i have started looking for ways to save water .

the best i have found so far is the hot water recirculating pump made by chillipepper inc.

if you have to wait for hot water to reach the tap , you are wasting 4000 gallons of water per person per year .

this is the most cost effective water saving device on the market

i am now selling and installing the chilli pepper hot water pump

installation is within the limits of most home owners , but i do offer instalation

no alterations or new plumbing lines are needed
i now accept paypal

Saturday, April 5, 2008

latest remodel project

this is the second floor laundry room in a 1913 house
after demolition and a shed roof dormer we turned it into a large bath
we matched the original stained pine trim

hardwood counter tops

this is the before shot , white formica
after ... solid , wide plank , two inch thick teak with a hand rubbed waterlox finish
most of my work is not rustic .
another larger teak island top with a hand hammered copper sink
sorry for the photo quality , the end of a long day on the construction site and i had not cleaned my lense
another view , i love this kitchen , this top has the same waterlox finish
waterlox is a brand name , and my favorite finish . it is a tung oil base
a solid teak bar for a customer in orangeburg sc

out on the broad river

motoring with a 4 hp 4 stroke , to much motor for this boat
a 25 lb thrust trolling motor was perfect for still water

next i'll try a 40 lb thrust trolling motor
and a 1.5 hp two stroke

this boat excelled in exploring small creeks , very shallow draft , and she moves like a canoe with a paddle or pole

so far i am very pleased with her performance

ready to go fishing

the front and back decks make great casting platforms , the rear deck is removable giving 6' 3" of space to lie down , and yes , i have taken several naps there during construction .

the center box is a dry storage/battery box , the lid/seat is off in this photo
the front bulkhead will get a waterproof door giving 4'x3' of dry storage under the front deck
the only thing left is the front bulkhead door , two battery mounts in the center box , hidden trolling motor wiring , and removable wood mounts for rod holders and a depth finder