Friday, December 31, 2010

Walnut Dough Bowls and Soap

Table #83 in Black walnut

Table #83 in Black Walnut at Lark and Key Gallery in Charlotte NC. My thanks to Sandy Snead and Duy Huynh.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

River Mule

After a long hot summer stored in the shop, it was time to clean and reoil the River Mule.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Cedar log

This Eastern Red Cedar log is the biggest I have ever seen! 30 inches in diameter and 7 feet long weighing 1375 lbs.

M.H. Floyd Tree Service

A very cool photo of Todd with Floyds Tree

Service in Rock Hill, cutting the top out of a storm dammaged Sugarberry.


My new Stoneboat!
A large Black Walnut log being moved back to the shop area. The stoneboat is perfect for moving heavy logs with little or no ground disturbance. This design has been around 5000+ years and is just as effective now as it was then. Now I want a mule!!

A trio of benches

Bench #79, #80, and #81. Three of my benches on display at the Dalton Center for the Arts in Rock Hill S.C. as part of the York County Magazine Art Show

Bench #67

Bench #67 was the first of what I now call Design #67. I will be evolving this design with a number of local wood species and some very subtle changes.
She has been safely delivered to her new home.

Bench #76 in Mulberry

You cab see and sit on this bench at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens through August 23rd!
Mulberry wood is naturally rot resistant for 45 years in contact with the ground!
This Mulberry tree came from Rock Hill city office property and was cut for safety reasons.
Once again Mr Floyd's Tree Service was looking out for me!


Bench #80 in Spalted Sugarberry
Thanks to M.H. Floyd Tree Service this did not end up in York County Landfill.
You can see and sit on this bench at New South Interiors in Rock Hill!
M.H. Floyd Tree Service of Rock Hill, Mr Floyd directs Todd as he cut the top out of a storm damaged Sugarberry tree. Mr. Floyd and his crew are my primary source for trees to use in my furniture.